PO Box 2278 Stn Main
Yellowknife Northwest Territories X1A2P7

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NWT SPCA is a provider of Animal Protection & Shelters products/services in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Canada.

PO Box 2278 Stn Main
Yellowknife NT X1A2P7
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Animal Protection & Shelters

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Why Animals Matter: The Case for Animal Protection:

Tidal Seas

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Solar Nite Eyes - Predator Protection System

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Solar Nite Eyes - Predator Protection System: The Solar Nite Eyes protects against fox, cougar, bobcat, mink, coyotes, raccoons, deer, bear, wild boar, oppossum, skunk, owls, hawks, and more!. Maintenance free, operates automatically. There are no batteries to install or change.. Solar Nite Eyes employs LED technology. The Red LED's flash automatically at night and have a lifespan of 50,000+ plus hours so there is never a need to change bulbs.. Solar Nite Eyes have been proven effective to guard areas such as: Poultry and Game Bird Pens, Gardens, Vineyards, Orchards, Flower Beds, Livestock, Campsites, Fishponds, around Trash Bins, etc.. All units protected by a one year defect warranty..

Vet-Pro "The Forester" Leather/Kevlar Handling Gloves

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Vet-Pro "The Forester" Leather/Kevlar Handling Gloves: Fully Lined With Ballistic Kevlar Felt. For Handling Bear Cubs and Primates. 22" Long. Double Thick Leather Cuff. Protective Stainless Steel Staples On Both Sides of the Hands.

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Daphne's Koala Hybrid/Utility Covers: Fits fairway woods, hybrids and putter. Each headcover is made of the highest quality materials.. Each headcover is guaranteed for life.. Best protection and value for your money. Adds individuality and personality to your golf bag.